The UK's No.1 Online Fishmonger

Our Family, Friends & Fish Christmas Collection! Check out our hassle-free holiday planning guide and discover the Fish Society's Christmas Collection. It's a carefully curated five-star selection to satisfy all tastes and appetites.

The UK's No.1 Online Fishmonger

We freeze fish at the peak of freshness to lock in quality, compared to ‘fresh’ fish which can be up to 2 weeks old. We offer a ‘fresher than fresh’ money back guarantee and are loved by over 100,000 homes in the UK who we’ve supplied more than 1 million seafood meals to.

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

Our most remarkable product to date, a UK exclusive: the world-class Bluefin Tuna range! Super-frozen steaks, akami loin saku blocks, luxurious otoro belly cuts, and premium diced misshapes.

The UK’s No.1 Online Fishmonger The UK’s No.1 Online Fishmonger
4.7/5 Over 17,598 Reviews 4.7/5 Over 17,598 Reviews
100% Committed to Frozen Fish 100% Committed to Frozen Fish
Over 200 Kinds Of Luxury Fish Over 200 Kinds Of Luxury Fish

Local fishmongers are great, but where are they? Supermarkets have fish, it doesn’t make the cut! The best fish? We’ve got you.


We offer a wider range of fish than most sushi bars. Most of this fish comes in small blocks which you'll slice yourself. These blocks are easy to slice to create your best nigiri and Maki. The most wonderful flavour of our sake salmon sashimi grade or our sashimi grade sea urchin will make an exciting roll platter.


We’re the UK’s No.1 specialist online fishmonger. We professionally freeze fish when it’s at it’s freshest to pause the clock on quality.

Something better than supermarket fish?

We offer ‘fresher than fresh’ customer money-back guarantee. We use specialist thermal packaging & high-tech ice to deliver your fish.