120g / 1 farmed
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Abalone - 1 Abalone

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120g / 1 farmed ( 10+ available )

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NOTE: Our Medium Abalone are farmed, and the Large and XL are wild.

  • Choose between a M 90 - 150g, a L 160 - 200g (1 abalone) or an XL 240 - 300 (1 abalone)

Abalone are a type of single-shelled, algae-eating, marine mollusc. Greenlip Abalone take about four years to reach the legal size to collect, which gives females at least two spawning seasons before they can be harvested. By this time, the body of the Green Lip Abalone is large, fleshy, and internationally renowned as a delicacy. Our delicious Greenlip Abalone is exported as a premium product to an international market in a variety of forms including frozen. It can be served in a wide array of creative ways and is appreciated by culinary professionals and consumers across the globe.
Our wild caught, ranched Greenlip Abalone are removed from the ocean, and are brine and snap frozen creating the premium, quality product we are known for. Our whole frozen in shell product comes in a range of sizes.

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