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Premium metal claw cracker
Claw cracker
Choose the established market leader, the Westmark Cracky from Germany, or a Chinese copy. The Cracky boasts a ’food-safe coating’ and its joint has a firmer feel. It might last longer, but the limbs on the Chinese version seem no less...
From £4.30
Metal fish boning pliers
Fish boning pliers
If small bones in fish drive you bonkers, you need a pair of these. Made in stainless steel, with a spring-open action and long pointed heads, these pliers are the perfect tool for removing bones from raw fish prior to cooking. Also very...
From £31.10
Metal lobster picks on white background
Lobster pick
Don’t let that last morsel escape! A long thin fork to extract the meat from the deepest recess of any lobster or crab claw. We sell two kinds. The more expensive one with the lobster symbol is in our opinion easier in the hand.
From £2.00
A metal spatula and a paella pan
Long spatula
At 25cm (10 inches) long, this spatula will safely transport a sizeable fish or fillet safely from pan to plate. Stainless steel, with plastic handle. A professional’s tool - here at Fish Palace we have 5 in active use. Don’t know where...
From £7.70
Shellfish hammer close up
Shellfish hammer / mallet
Fully plastic, food safe, high impact hammer/mallet. Perfect for breaking into our whole crabs and lobsters. Full length 300mm, head diameter 45mm.
From £21.40
Snail hardware metal plates and serving fork
Snail hardware
Kit yourself out. Straightforward stainless steel accessories.
From £5.70
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A tin of trikalinos salt
Trikalinos fleur de sel - sea salt
It must be magic! This is the most gorgeous food enhancer ever. It won’t last long.
From £4.70 £6.20
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