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Huge deveined al caprawns

Al Caprawns - deveined

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Big prawns have big ’veins’ (to put it politely) which are a real ***** to remove prior to cooking. You don’t absolutely have to do this, and they can be removed after cooking - but only if you peel them, which rather defeats the object. So we have done it for you - these are raw Al Caprawns with no veins - just cook, peel and eat. The process involves cutting neatly through the shell all the way up the back. We do it so skilfully, you’d never know - the only telltale sign is the line cut up the back of the shell. These prawns arrive with you raw and grey. Cook for five minutes, which turns them pink. You could take advantage of the snip down the back and pre-marinate the prawns to send flavour through the fresh prior to cooking. 


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