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Two raw al caprawns in fishing net with mussel shells
Two cooked al caprawns
Whole wild Al caprawns huge king prawns

Al Caprawns - Huge King Prawns

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6 prawns / 600g

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  • 400661
  • Up to 10 inches long
  • Great when grilled or bbq'd (they will take longer to cook due to their size)
  • Serving suggestion: 1 per person as a starter

Big prawns, large prawns, jumbo prawns, huge prawns... whatever you call them, your guests will simply GASP! They’ll need both hands to eat these giant prawns which weigh up to half a pound / 220g each (and very occasionally, even more) and are up to 10 inches long. They cook to pink in a trice and yield a huge piece of firm and tasty meat. We should tell you that this large prawn contains a large, er, ’vein’ running from head to tail, which you will need to remove before serving. However, we usually also offer them deveined, here.


Classic Grilled Or Barbecued Prawns

As you should have eaten in France, Italy or Greece many times

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These prawns contain sodium metabisulphate E223 (preservative)




All you'd need to know about prawns

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