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Arbroath Smokies
Arbroath smokies being smoked in a traditional way

Arbroath Smokies

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Arbroath’s very real contribution to world cuisine. These are small whole haddock (head off and cleaned, but otherwise left on the bone) which have been hot-smoked - in other words, smoked and cooked simultaneously. Very different from any other smoked haddock. You can eat them cold, but we prefer them warmed up. They’re truly delicious and have EU-issued Protected Geographical Indication, which definitely puts them in the same class as champagne.

  • Two smokies per pack
  • Sourced from specialists in Arbroath
  • These smokies are ready to eat

Featured customer reviews

  • "One of the world's greatest dishes. Split them, heat em up, a big dollop of butter once they are hot, lots of thin cut wholemeal bread and lashings of a cold nice lemony white wine... Lovely."
  • "Great, I open them out take out the bone wrap in foil with plenty of butter and heat in the oven.  Serve with buttered oatcakes"
  • "The Smokies arrived early on the day after placing the order. The fish was well packed and protected by airbags and dry ice. The flavour of the fish was superb, it was used in a luxury smoked fish pie. Our dinner guests were very impressed."


Traditional Arbroath Smokies

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