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Barramundi fillets
Barramundi portion and whole fillet on ice

Barramundi fillets

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  • 270026
  • Highly regarded fish in Australia and Asia
  • Meat similar to sea bass
  • 2 skin-on fillets per pack


The magnificent barramundi is an icon of Australia but is well known across all of South-East Asia. The flesh cooks to large, white flakes. If we had to compare barramundi to other fish we'd say it's similar to stone bass and even to sea bass. Some clever seafood marketer termed barramundi as the 'Asian Sea Bass'. We haven't gone that far but do think it has similarities to the sea bass you know in the UK. 


Featured customer reviews of barramundi fillets

  •  "The fillets were lovely served with a Tarragon sauce. Being Australians running a pub here in the UK, we served them on our Australia Day menu and received favourable responses. There were a few fillets left over so we enjoyed them ourselves a few days later."
  • "The Barramundi fillets were a good-sized portion and were perfectly fresh. I would certainly recommend purchasing them."
  • "Absolutely brilliant as was the service and packaging. Our guests really enjoyed them."




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