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Sliced octopus on potatoes
Sliced octopus tentacles
Cooked and sliced octopus tentacles. These are chunky pieces - pefect for a paella or similar. Tentacles from Spanish and Portuguese octopus. We also have very thinly sliced octopus for sashimi - tako - which is here .
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Plaice fillets
Plaice fillets
We source top quality large plaice fillets from Holland, where plaice is virtually a religion. We normally offer you a choice between dark side fillets and white side. Dark is more expensive because they're heavier/thicker and, in our...
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Whole sardines in a sardine bbqer with thyme
Whole Sardines
Sardines beg to be eaten with your fingers. They normally come ’entire’ which means with the guts in*, so you’ll have to clean them - it is but a moment’s work. When you’ve done that, try stuffing the sardines with baby spinach and lemon...
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These are uncoated straight out of the sea whitebait They're 6-9cms long. Within this range, sometimes smaller, sometimes larger. These are individually frozen - cook a few or a lot Very small fish for eating whole. Gorgeous. You get...
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Dover sole fillets cooking in a pan with butter lemon and peppercorns
Dover sole fillets
Dover sole landed on the South Coast of the UK Recommended serving size for 1 person: 180g Skinless & boneless - ready for the pan Suggested recipe: Sole meuniere Skinned and beautifully trimmed Dover sole fillets - your minimum...
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Two raw rock lobster tails on white board
Rock lobster tails
Food of the gods! Other names for this fish include crawfish and spiny lobster. The lobster tail has no claws, so we sell just the tail. Unless you’re dead set on the visual spectacle of a traditional lobster with claws, rock lobster is...
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Flesh side up fillet of New Zealand snapper
Snapper fillets
You have Jeremy, our operations director to thanks for this. He’s a Kiwi and has been going on about the special fish of New Zealand for months. If you knew the hoops we jumped through to get this consignment from the other end of the...
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Wild turbot fillet steaks
The turbot price is very high, but that is because it is a very fine fish. The flavour is superb and we fillet large fish to give sumptuous thick turbot steaks. Poach or steam to keep them moist or gently pan fry for that crispy skin...
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Raw haddock misshapes
Haddock misshapes
They're boneless and skinless Perfect pan-fried in butter or as part of a fish stew or fish pie Offer a variety of haddock selection Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless....
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Fresh anchovies on brown paper
Whole Anchovies
Form the base of many dishes in Mediterranean cuisine High in vitamins A, B, D, Nicain and unsaturated fatty acids Comes frozen and extremely easy to cook What, not tinned? No. And not salted either. Not even filleted. Er, did we mention...
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Whole king prawns in a pan with lemon
Whole king prawns - raw
Serving suggestion: Barbecued king prawns These prawns are whole and raw Size: pretty big - about 15cm long About 14 prawns per pack Packed in a tray for easy storage These are the king prawns farmed throughout South-East Asia. Eat by...
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Lemon sole fillets and whole fish
Lemon sole fillets
The lemon sole will forever live in the shadow of the unbeatable Dover sole. But it’s a fine fish, and you do not need a mortgage to enjoy it. Our fillets are all good-sized restaurant grades. Even our ’small’ are five ounces each, and...
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