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Best dressed lobster
Our best dressed lobster on a plate with new potatoes and salad

Best dressed lobster

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NE Atlantic

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Lobster is lovely but even after you’ve cooked it, there’s lots of faffing. So here is lazy lobster - we’ve split it, removed the yukky bits, transferred the claw and knuckle meat to the head cavity. That makes the perfect dressed lobster - all you have to do is to eat it. Each pack comprises the two halves of one Cornish or Scottish lobster. Serves 1 or 2 depending on the state of your bank account. Order now, then put your wine in the fridge. We also offer a smaller dressed lobster. Please note that the weights stated are AFTER dressing. From raw to dressed, about half the weight disappears. So a 300g dressed lobster started out as a 600g raw lobster. Also, our lobsters include no ’makeweights’ (such as sauce - but you can certainly add your own very easily). You are just buying the original lobster in its own shell and if we think the lobster once split was a little short of meat, we add some to fill the shell. We use about 100 lobsters to make 90 dressed lobsters. Try making a lobster thermidor with our best dressed lobsters. 


Lobsters with claws

Lobsters with claws


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