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Best dressed lobster
Our best dressed lobster on a plate with new potatoes and salad

Best dressed lobster

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Lobster is lovely but even after you’ve cooked it, there’s lots of faffing. So here is a lazy lobster - we’ve split it, removed the yukky bits, transferred the claw and knuckle meat to the head cavity. That makes the perfect dressed lobster - all you have to do is to eat it. Each pack comprises the two halves. Serves 1 or 2 depending on the state of your bank account. Order now, then put your wine in the fridge. Please note that the weights stated are AFTER dressing. From raw to dressed, about half the weight disappears. So a 300g dressed lobster started out as a 600g raw lobster. Also, our lobsters include no ’makeweights’ (such as sauce - but you can certainly add your own very easily). You are just buying the original lobster in its own shell. Try making a lobster thermidor with our best-dressed lobsters. 

  • Steam cooked lobster (keeps it moister than boiling)
  • Generally, we use Canadian lobsters for dressing (see source at the top of the page)
  • Perfect to help you get a head start on making your lobster thermidor




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