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Black cod fillet portion

Black cod fillet portions

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  • Number 1 online black cod retailer
  • Alaskan black cod from and MSC certified fishery
  • Frozen at sea sashimi-grade black cod
  • We sell three portion-sized cuts - this is the cheaper one.
  • Perfect for miso black cod recipe

This is unquestionably one of the finest fish in the sea. Also known as sablefish, black cod comes from fisheries in Alaska and Canada which are a fascinating 30-year tale of morality in sustainable fishing. You can read this story here. Black cod has a very high oil content which makes the flesh buttery when cooked. Large black cod fillets yield two or three handsome thick fillet steaks from the front and these thinner fillet portions from the back of the fillet - same fish, same taste - just a little thinner and therefore a little kinder cost-wise.

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