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Black cod loin steaks

Black cod loin steaks

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  • Number 1 online black cod retailer
  • Best black cod recipe: Nobu's miso-marinated black cod
  • Alaskan black cod from highly regulated fisheries
  • Frozen at sea black cod
  • Sashimi grade black cod

This is unquestionably one of the finest fish in the sea, with a buttery/silky taste due to its oil content. Also known as sablefish, black cod comes from fisheries in Alaska and Canada which are a fascinating 30-year morality tale of sustainable fishing. You can read this story here. These loin steaks (regulars note - we used to call this cut the "bullet") are from the top of the neck, giving a luxurious thick piece of fish used by many customers to make the famous recipe from Nobu, miso-marinated black cod.

We sell two alternative cuts: fillet steaks (same price) and fillet portions (a little less expensive).


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