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Two black cod on the bone steaks in cooked presentation in pan with green vegetables

Black cod on-the-bone steaks

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Black cod - also known as sablefish - is a silky-textured, unusually flavourful fish, rich in oils, which is caught in the North-West Pacific. It has white flesh and a slatey skin. Although it is a similar shape to cod, the two species have nothing to do with each other. Served with miso sauce (a mysterious Japanese concoction based on soya beans, salt and mould - it’s delicious), it has become the signature dish of Nobu, the world’s most fashionable restaurant chain. Our pack contains two generous through-the-fish-steaks, with an easy-to-deal-with bone in the middle. Black cod fishing is a fascinating 30-year morality tale in sustainability. 

If you are looking for boneless black cod, see our black cod fillet steaks page. We sell fillet steaks and bullet steaks that are 100% boneless. 

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Black cod

Black cod

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