8 Introductory Tips About Our Sashimi Range

1. Bigger is better

Larger strips of sashimi are better to give you more flexibility when cutting to shape.

2. The top 3

Sake – salmon, maguro – tuna & hamachi – yellowtail kingfish are the most popular sashimi fish we sell and serves as a great starting trio.

3. Back vs belly

Our two main sashimi cuts are back and belly. What’s the difference? The belly generally has a higher oil content and seems to be preferred by seasoned sashimi connoisseurs. Back is usually cut thicker and is the preferred starting point for beginners.

4. A perfect combo

Make nigiri! Pick a back strip from you preferred sashimi fish (over 140g), cut thin slices and place them on small balls of Japanese sushi rice. Watch this video to see how to make it.

5. Easy ebi

Our ebi prawns come in an easy to use tray. They have been cooked, cleaned and split perfectly ready for your sushi and sashimi needs.

6. Meal for 2

We offer a sashimi selection pack that has the sashimi essentials and 4 types of sashimi fish. The selection changes from month to month depending on what’s available.

7. Uni

Our uni comes from wild Canadian sea urchins. It’s the pinnacle of the raw fish experience so if you want to try this unique experience get an order in soon.

8. How much?

As a rough guide…150g per person would be plenty.
Uni Sea Urchin Roe