A Prawn Success For New Years Eve

After getting back into the office after the Christmas period, we were absolutely delighted to find this email sitting in our inbox from one of our customers, Ben. This is a great story about his "prawn" themed dinner party and the impact our shellfish made.

Have a read:

Dear Alistair,

I wanted to write and wish you Happy New Year and thank you very much indeed for so kindly helping us out with the prawns in time for New Years Eve by taking them home for me to collect directly from you.

The party we go to most years sees each couple cook a ‘course’ and we were assigned the second of three savoury courses. Our hosts - knowing we are flexible in the kitchen - had asked if we could do a seafood course because no one ever cooks seafood.

The prawns you provided were absolutely fantastic - we made a Rick Stein recipe called a Caldine (pic attached) and they were the perfect flavour and texture to compliment the dish and everyone was impressed.

Hilariously this year, every savoury course starred prawns as the main event and the couple that followed us even made a Caldine!! We couldn’t believe it - what are the chances! I have to say though (without bias), the prawns we bought from you were incomparably good and we’ll be buying again. I expect our hosts will assign key ingredients next year.

 Anyway, thanks again and the very best to you and your family for 2020.

Best wishes,

Ben Summerfield