Checkout tease

We're sorry about this. The guys who write our website did a great job across 99% of it. But in some "doesn't happen very often" situations, they didn't cover themselves in glory. Including this one. This little teaser occasionally crops up just as you are about to confirm your order.

What's happened here is that you have selected an item in which we have a very low stock at the same time as someone else has selected it ... and they beat you to the checkout. So now we're out of stock of that item (OR OF THE WEIGHT YOU SELECTED IN THAT ITEM).

And this is how to sort it out

  • Go back to the shop (top right)
  • Click on your basket (top right)
  • Slide down to the bottom and click "Edit shopping basket".
  • You will now see an item marked "Sold out"
  • Please delete this item from your basket.


It's always worth going back to the product page on which you selected that item and seeing if you can buy it in a different weight.