Classic Oak Smoked Trout


Our new trout supplier based in Wiltshire, produces the most fabulous smoked trout we have ever tasted. It is a truly sensational side of smoked trout where fresh means fresh, and delicious means delicious. Charlies Trout take pride in their craft and only employ the best methods and maintain the highest standards. Here’s a little more about Charlie’s Trout and what they do.

Charlie's trout work alongside the historic Longford Estate where the team of farmers have been rearing the mighty trout since the 1970’s in the beautiful crystal clear water from Wiltshire’s world famous Wiltshire Avon. 50 million gallons of highly oxygenated and mineral rich water flows through the farm each day, keeping the fish lean and healthy. Everything is made to order, meaning that when an order comes in, Charlie’s Trout will contact the farm who will then harvest the fish needed. These are then taken a short distance to Charlie’s smokehouse, filleted by hand, salted, and then either hot or cold smoked over a mix of oak and beech wood chips in their traditional kilns. Once the smoking process is complete, the fish is then moved into the blast chillers to cool down, then carefully trimmed, sliced and packed ready to be sent here.

Below details information about each of the Charlie’s Trout products that we offer.


These smoked trout fillets are smoked for 7 hours using the delicate flavour of Wiltshire green oak. The temperature is slowly increased throughout the smoking process to a maximum of 85 degrees C, resulting in a beautiful golden brown fillet with a succulent texture which can be eaten hot or cold. Ideal to add to a myriad of smoked trout recipes including salads, quiches and canapés. In this pack you’ll get two delicious fillets.


The signature paté. A delicious combination of smoked trout, crème fraîche, cream cheese, herbs and a citrus zing. Our smoked trout pate combines wonderful, delicately flavoured cold smoked trout with a host of other naturally delicious ingredients. Carefully developed to have the perfect balance of creamy richness and citrus, it’s perfect for serving simply with crusty bread or using to create a spectacular celebratory spread. Ideal to add to appetisers, our smoked trout paté really does taste handmade.


Our oak smoked trout is delicately flavoured and has a wonderful texture. Whether you spread it onto an open sandwich, use it in your favourite smoked trout recipe or take it on a picnic, this handy 100g size is a seriously useful addition to the larder.


Fresh water trout caviar is a true delicacy. It has the most wonderful taste and texture just bursting with flavour. Similar in appearance to our keta salmon roe, but with smaller eggs, a low oil content resulting in a mild delicate flavour. Ranks among our other favoured caviar, but cheaper! It has a distinct briny flavour which compliments canapés, sushi & sashimi, trout tartare... garnished with a jewel-like appearance. A Fish Society favourite is topped on a blini with a dollop of crème fraîche! You will discover that our trout caviar will delight your palate and astonish you with its level of superiority.


This rather moreish smoked salmon paté is best served with crusty bread, topped on a citrus salad or a great addition to a sharing board as a starter or light lunch. Our traditional smoked salmon paté is blended with cream cheese, crème fraîche, lemon juice and freshly chopped herbs. This beautiful combination has an intense flavour with a smooth and soft texture, with all the glorious subtle notes which come from the traditional smoking process.