How to get the lower price

get smallest pack

We confess it's embarrassing... when we are often asked why our website shows one price in the search results and a higher price when you get to the page. Believe me, we didn't plan it to be like this. But we have a large and complex website and redesigning it to solve this issue has not yet got to the top of the action list.

Why is it like this? The search result price is marked "from". It's the price of the smallest pack we have in stock.  But we often have many weights for the same product - obviously at different prices. We might have 15 weights and 15 prices - and displaying them all would make the site ugly and difficult to use. So the product page just displays one price - for the weight where we have the biggest stock. You can swap to a different size category if you wish - by using the S, M and similar buttons.

But you can also can choose different weight within the size category. Above, you can see how to get the lowest priced pack, which is the price you'll see on the summary page. (Obviously, this is the smallest pack - and we should point out that the PRICE PER GRAM or PER KILO (or it you like, per mouthful) will always be the same for packs in the same size category).