Monkfish liver: Ankimo

Monkfish liver for dinner, how does that make you feel? A little queasy? Well to many it produces the opposite feeling – a hunger in the belly and a watering mouth.

To our knowledge the most common way of cooking monkfish liver is by a traditional Japanese method. The dish is called ‘Ankimo’. They prepare the liver by peeling it. It’s then soaked in cold water, drained, dried and marinated in sake. The liver is then wrapped and steamed. We’ve seen a few alternatives where they have wrapped the liver in cling film and sous vided it. There are many different variations to the recipe. It’s best for you to read a few and pick the one that best suits your skills, taste and equipment as we don’t all have a sous vide kit and totally obscure Japanese ingredients to hand.

 Monkfish Liver

Here are a few Ankimo recipes that we thought looked interesting.
  1. Steamed Ankimo Recipe
  2. Monkfish liver terrine with ponzu sauce
  3. Sous-vide Monkfish Liver

This is a useful video that shows how to prep the liver. Regardless of the method you choose this should help.

As far as we can tell, we’re the only source of whole fresh frozen monkfish liver on the internet. You can find and buy tinned monkfish liver but this will have been pre-cooked and would be no good for this style of dish.