No fuss, no hassle, sushi for Christmas


A beautiful starter or sharing platter, sushi for Christmas is one of the best choices for small or big gatherings, it will wow your guests and everyone will welcome a light way to start or continue with those great Christmas gatherings. There is nothing better than homemade sushi.

Not much goes into the preparation, just make a big batch of rice, let the rolling mats unroll and the fun start! 

A new tradition to cherish with your friends and family? Chef Marcus Wareing, chef patron and owner of Marcus and The Gilbert Scott, London, and judge on MasterChef: The Professionals, has it as a tradition for Christmas.

‘I make sushi with my daughter and a black forest gateau for Boxing Day’

What a great new tradition to make sushi! A new experience which will help bring people together on Christmas Day or any other special time during Christmas. An exciting way to start the day with something everyone can do and will feel excited about and without the extra hassle of peeling vegetables or washing up poles of utensils in the kitchen. Sushi is easy to make, looks amazing and it tastes so good! 

Three ingredients is all you need to make the best sushi at home with your loved ones, sushi rice, nori seaweed sheets and of course your favourite fish

And for kitchen tools, machines, or other utensils, you’ll just need one, a bamboo rolling mat, easy peasy. Get ready and you’ll be the best sushi maker this Christmas in no time.

Fish for sushi? We have you covered here. 

We have everything you need to make sushi this Christmas, just visit our Sushi House. You’ll find here the best selection of sushi fish delicacies for every taste. Here we have listed a few of the most popular sushi choices you can find in any Japanese restaurant menu.


The most recognisable sushi rice roll is filled with any little pieces of great fish you like, such as tuna, salmon, cod, keta salmon roe, or try our new trout caviar. 

Lobster and caviar maki

If you feel very lavish, indulge yourself and your friends to a maki roll filled with lobster and topped with caviar, why not, it’s Christmas! 


And let everyone enjoy making some Snowman sushi nigiri, just roll some rice balls, add a salmon scarf made with raw salmon sashimi or a strip of smoked salmon and voila, your lovely Snowman sushi will be the center of the attention.

Salmon Skin Rolls

Why not try a delicious salmon skin roll, with just fried salmon skin. Just salmon skin? Yes, you’ll be amazingly surprised. Find here our salmon skin for this very tasty roll.

Gunkan maki

What is gunkan maki? Gunkan means ship in Japanese, so gunkan maki is a type of sushi that comes in the elongated shape of a ship. This version of gunkan is topped with sea urchin, keta salmon roe or anything else in small pieces. It will happily hold a good portion of sashimi tuna or salmon. 

Simple to make, just mold the rice into an oval shape and wrap it around a piece of nori, use a little bit of water on the edges to seal the bow with the stern.