Species we offer

King crab: ££££

The most luxurious crab from our range! The king crab’s reputation precedes itself globally. Our king crab is fished in Alaska and Norway and shipped to us frozen. One full leg will serve one person. A whole large cluster (1200g+) would serve 4 people generously. Cooking king crab from raw will yield the best results, but this isn’t always practical as the large raw clusters will not fit a standard domestic boiling pot.

Snow crab: £££

Snow crab could be described as the younger cousin of the king crab. The snow crab comes from the icy cold polar waters. The meat is pinky-white, delicate and sweet. We sell snow crab clusters and snow crab meat that are both cooked. The meat is convenient but the clusters can be fun to eat getting hands on and working the meat from the legs.

English Brown crab: ££

The English brown crab may sound humble when compared in the same lineup as the king crab but its claw meat is world class. We sell English crab every which way – dressed, claws, whole, white meat, blended meat and brown meat.

Soft shell crab: ££

The soft shell crabs are ready to be cooked. They are most commonly fried and eaten whole. It’s become quite popular to have a deep fried soft-shell crab burger. Perhaps you can try it and let us know what it’s like?

Spider crab: ££

Our spider crabs are fished in Cornwall. They’re a lesser known British crab that are striking to look at and are seasonally landed. Unfortunately the meat content can be variable from spider crabs. They offer a fantastic spectacle as a centerpiece for a dinner table.

Blue crab: £

We sell Asian blue crab legs that are imported frozen and Greek whole blue crab. The meat to shell ratio is lower than other species and they are commonly used in curries and other such dishes.


Presentations we offer

Dressed crab

Picked, prepared and dressed by experienced shellfish workers in Devon using British brown crabs. Each dressed crab serves 1 person.

Crab clusters

The cluster describes the crabs shoulder, legs and claw arm – as a whole piece. ‘Clusters’ are prepared from large crabs such as king crabs and snow crabs. These make great presentation pieces.

Crab claws

Our crab claws will always be cooked. The English crab claws can be quite tricky to get into, so have a shellfish hammer at the ready. The king crab claws are usually scored for easier access to the meat.

Crab meat

Meat is by far the most convenient way to eat crab. Our crab meat will always be cooked. We offer crab meat from the snow crab, king crab and English crab.

Whole crab

Whole crabs are fun to pick and ply the meat from but do be ready to work for your meal in some cases. The spider crab is a party piece but when it gets down to getting the meat out it can be quite tricky for the amateur.

Prime sections

Prime sections are the best section of the upper leg of the king crab. These sections offer the best meat to shell ratio from the king crab range. We offer both cooked and raw king crab prime sections.