South Coast Catch

The Fish Society | 30.07.2021

Recently we gave the spotlight to our South Coast catch, outlining the benefits and importance of buying from these historic fishing communities such as Brixham fish market and Plymouth fish market.

The South Coast is home to some of the richest fishing grounds in the world, landing an extraordinary variety and quality of fish. From mackerel, crab, john dory and squid to dover sole, lemon sole and many more - you're spoiled for choice!

Buying fish from the South Coast is a sustainable and local choice as the numbers of fish sourced from these waters are abundant and thriving. Additionally, we are able to trace where all of our fish come from which is extremely important at this present time.

Plymouth Fish Market

Plymouth fish market has been at the heart of Plymouth for many hundreds of years. We buy from Plymouth fish market as they have a wonderful variety of top quality seafood and we are able to trace back exactly where your fish has come from.

The market has an electronic auction system that we use from The Fish Society HQ. Below is a rundown of the process:


  • 5:30AM - The Fish Society looks at what they need to buy for the day.
  • 6:00AM - The electronic auction system goes live and we engage in a Dutch style auction, where the auctioneer starts the price off high and it continually drops until someone bids and buys the lot.
  • 12:00PM - The fish we bought is loaded onto chilled transport and makes its way to us at The Fish Society.



  • 4:00AM - We receive the fish from the chilled transport where it is filleted, prepared, packed and labelled.
  • 12:00PM - The fish is frozen and listed on the website ready for you to buy!


Brixham Fish Market

On the South coast of Devon is the world famous Brixham Fish Market, England's largest fish market, with a strong fishing tradition dating back to the 14th century. Landing over 40 different species of the highest quality fish from the English Channel including favourites such as turbot, lemon & dover sole, wild sea bass and mackerel. We caught up with our Brixham Fish Market source, Sean Perkes of Ian Perkes fish merchants (yes, they are brothers!), a 5th generation fish merchant in Brixham.


At the beginning of each week, Jeremy from the Fish Society will contact Sean with what we want to buy. Starting at 4am each day, Sean will then begin to handpick the highest quality fish for us - Sean will inform us if there has been a particularly good catch that we should buy. The fish then gets sent on to us that same day!

The Fish Society buys from the Perkes brothers as they source only the highest quality seafood and their many years of expertise and experience make them the best in the area.

Help support British fishing communities by buying South Coast caught seafood. 


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