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Dried bombay duck and spices
Fresh bombay duck aka bummalo fish

Bombay duck

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The mysterious Bombay Duck (it’s named after a train!) starts out as a genuine fish - the bummalo. But it’s known wherever Indian cooking is appreciated in its crackling dry very pungent version. Ours originates in Thailand but we would recommend traditional Bombay methods of preparation with plenty of chilli powder and turmeric. Our pack has simple cooking instructions and we have done all the hard work of removing head, tail and fins. It’s ready to roll. In simple terms you should soak the dried bombay duck for at least 20 minutes, pat it dry and then fry with your Indian spices - the hotter the better! From time to time, we also sell fresh (-ly frozen) bummalo. It is also pretty smelly.


Dry Fish Curry | Bombil Masala | Bombay Duck Curry | Seafood | Non Veg Series
Source: Cook Eat Travel Repeat


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