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Greek bottarga and presentation box
Sardinia bottarga on top and Greek bottarga on the bottom
Bottarga slices


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Bottarga is compressed grey mullet roe. This rich delicacy - made all round the Mediterranean - is best eaten in tiny slices drizzled with olive oil or blended with olive oil, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, and served with cold white wine, as a pre-prandial nibble. Our Greek bottarga is from an old family firm - it’s very large, more moist and definitely a cut above. Many of our regular bottarga customers are moving to this new offering (which arrives in a lovely gift box). The Sardinian bottarga is dry but we freeze it for convenience of handling. It is unaffected by freezing. The Greek bottarga is chilled.

  • The Bottarg is the roe from a thin lipped grey mullet
  • Greek is the premium option
  • Sardininan is for grating. Greek is for slicing.
  • The Greek bottarga is kosher


Spaghetti Alla Bottarga

The sensational taste of bottarga leaves little need for other other ingredients. Just give it a platform.

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Mullet roe, salt.

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