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Bouillabaisse kit

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Make a 100% authentic bouillabaisse for 8 people. Our kit contains eight kinds of fish, all carefully prepared and giving you the perfect blend of bone, head and meat  - (basically, more meat less bones). You also get our recipe (which you can read below). Contains Rascasse (scorpion fish), Gurnard, Weever, John Dory, Conger Eel, Rock Lobster, Monkfish, and Whiting - a finer selection than you'd get other than in the very finest Marseilles restaurant. DEAD EASY TO MAKE - Really! Go to it.


The Fish Society’s Bouillabaisse

A 110% authentic bouillabaisse based on Madame Prunier's famous Fish Cookery book published in 1935

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Rascasse (fillet, heads, and bones), Gurnard, Weever, John Dory, Conger Eel, Rock Lobster, Monkfish, Whiting

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