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Sliced brill sashimi
Brill engawa sashimi
Not your usual Japanese sushi, but a valuable addition in our eyes
From £3.60
Raw brill fillet portions
Brill fillet portions
You get four ’quarter cut’ fillets from a brill. Each fillet has a thicker side and a thinner side. These packs of ’portions’ are cut from the thinner side, and contain either a whole quarter cut fillet (cut into two or left as one...
From £9.30
Two brill fillet steaks on white paper
Brill fillet steaks
Brill looks very similar to turbot, and is held in almost equal esteem. In fact, as Buttercup tells Captain Corcoran in HMS Pinafore, the turbot is no more than an ambitious brill. And here’s Gordon Ramsay: ’Brill is more delicate than...
From £21.00
Sliced brill sashimi
Sashimi brill
We can’t find any Japanese authorities using brill for sushi. But we can tell you it’s a jolly good idea! Normally one to 3 strips.
From £6.70
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