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A bowl of cooked brown crab meat

Brown crab meat

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Brown crab meat is differently delicious, and extremely good value. One block provides 2-4 servings. Sometimes, to achieve an acceptable consistency, this product is blended with up to five percent rusk. Brown crab meat is pleasant when eaten on it's own or used to flavour sauces and seafood dishes. It's much more affordable than the white crab claw meat that we offer, whilst coming from the same crab. 

  • 1/2lb packs (227g)
  • Frozen brown meat from the body of the English crab
  • Great multi-buy savings available when you buy multiple packs at once


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Crab meat.
May contain breadcrumbs (wheat)

Sometimes contains rusk (breadcrumbs) to give the meat 'body'. Please avoid this product if you have any wheat allergies


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