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Whole mussels
Mussels - whole
Pasteurised in-the-shell mussels... make moules mariniere on a whim. Mussels are very successfully farmed these days, but there’s a very wide range of quality. We favour larger mussels with less fragile shells. These are superb mussels...
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New Zealand half shell green lipped mussels
Mussels - half shell
From New Zealand, also known as green-lipped mussels owing to the emerald tinge along the shell edge. These mussels come attached to one of the two sides of their shell, which makes a convenient carrier for all sorts of toppings - we...
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Icelandic cod liver
Cod liver
Great discounts on multi-buys tiers up to 32 tins Long expiry dates Great source of omega 3 fatty acids The cod liver is cooked and tinned in its own oil. No additives apart from 1g salt. Drained weight = 60g If you were force fed on cod...
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Tin of smoked cod liver
Smoked Cod Liver
Our natural cod liver in a tin is a huge seller for us so we think you'll love the smoked rendition. The cod liver is smoked over beech sawdust and spices to give an incredible flavour. Our favourite smoked cod liver snack/canape is -...
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Ortiz tinned sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good sardines for 60p. So how do we get to this price? Answer 1: just try them. Answer 2: superior fish, cleaned by hand, packed in virgin olive oil. Did you...
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One shellfish stock cube
Shellfish stock cube
Premium German brand Store at ambient temperature XL size This is like a giant Oxo cube. The prime ingredient is crayfish extract but you may want to know that it also contains palm oil and monosodium glutamate. Dissolve it into water to...
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Keta pacific wild salmon roe
Keta - Salmon Roe
Keta is a beautiful, bright orange salted salmon roe - also known as saviar - from wild Pacific salmon. Its intense taste means you should use it sparingly. Great for garnish and sushi. Keta comes in a jar and is one of our few products...
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Raw king scallops on wooden chopping board
King scallops - no coral
These are the 'easy to use' 'easy to store' king scallops that are loved around the world. Whilst we at The Fish Society love the roe (coral) some people don't and these scallops come conveniently roeless. They are individually frozen so...
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Peeled raw king prawn tails
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled and deveined so no further cleaning is required before hitting the pan. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
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Half a dozen raw razorshell clams with lime
Razorshell clams
Choose wild or farmed These are raw - defrost and treat just like live Very easy to cook and super tasty Razors are little blighters to catch, but well worth the effort, as you get a lot of sweet-tasting meat inside. They are simple to...
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Fides pates on toast
Fides Sardine Pate
Fides is Portugal’s favourite brand of fishy pates. They’re hyper-convenient because they come in packs of four single-serving capsules and you can keep them in your cupboard for ages. The full range when available includes tuna,...
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Fragrant sea-bass, cod, ginger and lime fishcakes
Sea Bass, Cod, Ginger & Lime fishcakes
This is a skinny fishcake with only the lightest dusting of breadcrumbs and flour. Instead you get 20% sea bass, about the same amount of cod plus lime juice, ginger and spring onions. It's gluten free and pretty moreish. One pack = two...
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