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Sea bass whole
Whole sea bass
1 gutted, scaled and trimmed fish per pouch We recommend baking this fish whole either in the oven or on a BBQ 350g is the ideal portion-size for one person Perfect restaurant-style whole sea bass, cleaned and descaled, ready to pop in...
From £5.60
Manx Kippers
Manx kippers
A pair of traditionally smoked herring prepared in the Isle of Man The best simple advice, grill and serve with fresh bread Serve one fish per person These excellent and very consistent little kippers from the Isle of Man have fans all...
From £5.80
Fides Sardine Pate
Fides Sardine Pate
One tray has 4 capsules of 22g each Perfect for a little afternoon snack Each capsule is designed as one portion Fides is Portugals favourite brand of fishy pates. Since they're so convenient with the portions already made and the fact...
From £2.30
Rock Lobster Tail
Rock lobster tails
Food of the gods! Other names for this fish include crawfish and spiny lobster. The lobster tail has no claws, so we sell just the tail. Unless you’re dead set on the visual spectacle of a traditional lobster with claws, rock lobster is...
From £15.30
Whole sea bream
Whole gilt-head sea bream
Each pack contains one whole, cleaned and gutted fish Wonderful when baked whole Typically 1 fish serves 1 person There are many species of bream out there, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's named after the...
From £4.80
Battered scampi
Battered scampi
The small bag has around 12 pieces and the big bag has around 45 pieces Oven bake for between 14-16 minutes from frozen A small bag would serve two main meals Our battered scampi is a superb product made in Northern Ireland by a real...
From £12.90
Ortiz ventresca de bonito
Ortiz Ventresca de bonito
This is the finest tinned tuna belly in olive oil Perfect for a summer tuna salad The species of tuna is Albacore not the bonito as the name suggests This has nothing to do with cheap tinned tuna nor, confusingly, with the tuna known as...
From £10.50
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Scottish smoked salmon
fishRjumpin smoked Scottish salmon
Each pack has 200g of long sliced, cold smoked salmon The perfect option for a smoked salmon bagel One pack would make two very generous starter servings Our FishRJumpin smoked salmon is Scottish fish smoked by an award winning...
£8.70 £9.70
Cod loin steaks
Cod Loin Steaks
Each pack contains two skin on loin cuts This cut is great for baked cod A 320g pack would serve two main meals Our cod loin steaks are the prime cut from large fillets of cod. The loin is the thickest part of the fillet, and this is...
From £10.50
Peeled scampi
Scampi is the meat from inside the tail of the langoustine. These grades are rarely seen outside the smartest restaurants and hotels, and despite the prices, peeled scampi is one of our most popular items. The Scottish scampi is...
From £16.50
Sea bass fillets
Sea bass fillets
Each pack contains two skin on and boned fillets, frozen together with polythene between them Check out this recpie: Grilled sea bass with pasta & vegetable sauce A 300g pack would serve for two good sized main courses These Sea bass...
From £8.70
Dover sole fillets
Dover sole fillets
Each pack contains one whole, skinless and boneless fillet Perfect for sole meuniere We recommend 180g for a main meal serving Skinned and beautifully trimmed Dover sole fillets - your minimum requirement when spending this kind of...
From £14.40
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