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Fresh hand cut cod fillet steaks
Cod Fillet Steaks
This is cod in its Sunday best - you are getting the prime cuts of the fillet - no tail, no flap, no bones. Produced from ultra-fresh cod landed at UK or Icelandic ports then rushed to us for processing. Vac-packed in pairs of matching...
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Jellied eels in a bowl
Jellied eels
Our jellied eels are Bradley's brand. They're available in many Tesco stores (without any delivery charge and probably even a little bit cheaper). A pot contains about 5 pieces of eel and plenty of jelly (50/50 by weight). Please note...
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Organic Scottish salmon ready to be baked in the oven
Organic salmon fillet steaks
These are boneless fillet steaks from Scottish organically farmed salmon. The skin has been descaled. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. The flesh is brighter in colour and the...
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Golden brown oven baked battered scampi
Battered scampi
Our battered scampi is a superb product made in Northern Ireland by a real craftsman with a very light batter and whole scampi tails. Contains 50% scampi meat - way ahead of other versions. Bake in the oven for 14-16 minutes from frozen....
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Cooked snails in snail holder
Escargots / snails in garlic butter
Escargots / snails in their shells stuffed with garlic butter, ready to be popped straight into the oven on the foil tray on which they arrive. Snails are packed on trays of 12 or bags of 48. Brits usually work on six snails per serving,...
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lemon sole fillets
Lemon sole fillets
The lemon sole will forever live in the shadow of the unbeatable Dover sole. But it’s a fine fish, and you do not need a mortgage to enjoy it. Our fillets are all good-sized restaurant grades. Even our ’small’ are five ounces each, and...
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Cooked white crab meat in white dish on ice
White Crab Claw Meat
We sell many kinds of white crab meat from all over the world, including from snow crab and king crab. They all have their fans but this fine British crab meat, which we source from Devon and Cornwall or Scotland, is always the most...
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A tray bake of prime cod misshapes
Prime cod misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make our signature fillet steak cuts. They’re boneless and skinless. Don't let the name 'misshapes' put you off, they're still every bit as fresh and tasty as the flesh of a...
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Lobster bisque - soup from a tin
Lobster bisque
Ready to eat soup from German brand, Jurgen Langbein Rich, thick and packed with flavour Made with the finest ingredients 1 tin - 400g This is a quality product from Jurgen Langein of Germany. They're an old school outfit, still using...
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cod cheeks on a brown board with lime
Monkfish cheeks
Each large monkfish produces two spectacular pieces of white meat from their cheeks. We take any skin and membrane off the monkfish cheeks to make them as ready to cook as possible. Each pack is 200g which can contain between three and...
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Cooked hake fillet steak on a plate with rice and lemon
Hake fillet steaks
Sumptuous, boneless steaks of hake cut by us from large British fish. For hake-lovers, the highest form of luxury. We buy and fillet the freshest hake a caught and landed off the coast of Cornwall. We use fish that are 5-6 kg in order to...
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Three whole mackerel
Whole mackerel
2 fish per pack These fish are intended to be cooked whole, not filleted. Want fillets? Go here . Best British mackerel Mackerel is an oily fish rich in healthy Omega 3. Its eating qualities are legendary and ought to cost three times as...
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