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One shellfish stock cube
Shellfish stock cube
This is like a giant Oxo cube. The prime ingredient is crayfish extract. Dissolve it into water to make a soup, sauce or stock. You don’t have to use it all at once - you can spoon out your requirement from the Petit Filou sized pot it...
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A bowl of peeled brown shrimps on ice
Peeled brown shrimps
A British favourite. Imagine peeling these little guys? They are small, sweet and moreish. These little brown shrimps are cooked and peeled. They tails are frozen together in a 100g bag so when you defrost them you'll need to eat them...
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Oven baked and golden brown cod fish fingers
Jumbo Cod Fillet Fishfingers
Twice the normal size, our cod fillet fish fingers are coated in a crispy batter or breadcrumb and can be cooked in the oven. Great when served with peas and tartar sauce. Made with quality Atlantic cod fillet - not minced fish Oven bake...
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A dressed crab on a wooden chopping board
Dressed crab
The meat has been expertly extracted then replaced into a cleaned crab shell. You will find cheaper dressed crab, but they won’t taste anything like ours, which contains 50% best white claw meat, and is topped with a peeled claw. The...
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Cooked king prawns in garlic butter
King prawns in garlic butter
Jumbo peeled king prawns with garlic and herb butter. Throw in your pan for just 2 to 3 minutes. You may want to add some sliced fresh red chillis to give the dish an extra kick. We use a 50g knob of garlic butter in each pack which...
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Cooked whelk meat
Cooked Whelk Meat
The whelk is famously reckoned to be an aphrodisiac, but it’s possible this is a canny marketing strategy dreamt up by whelk fishermen. Either way, you get a serious piece of meat offering a rewarding chew (and no shell - you just get...
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Two raw rock lobster tails on white board
Rock lobster tails
Food of the gods! Other names for this fish include crawfish and spiny lobster. The rock lobster has no claws, so we sell just the tail. Unless you’re dead set on the visual spectacle of a traditional lobster with claws, rock lobster is...
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Ventresca de bonito tuna open tin
Ortiz Ventresca de bonito
This has nothing to do with cheap tinned tuna nor, confusingly, with the tuna known as bonito! ( Tell me more. ) This ’Ventresca’ is the oil-rich belly fillet of the white tuna (also known as the albacore and in Spain as bonito del...
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Peeled raw king prawn tails
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled and deveined so no further cleaning is required before hitting the pan. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
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Jellied eels in a bowl
Jellied eels
Our jellied eels are Bradley's brand. They're available in many Tesco stores (without any delivery charge and probably even a little bit cheaper). A pot contains about 5 pieces of eel and plenty of jelly (50/50 by weight). Please note...
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Maatjes herring fillets
Maatjes herring fillets
A rich Dutch secret. Herring fillets from very young fish, lightly cured. Each pack contains two fish and each fish comprises two fillets, joined at the tail in the traditional way. Maatjes herring are a typical Dutch snack and are often...
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Fides pates on crackers
Fides pates from Portugal
Fides is Portugal’s favourite brand of fishy pates. They’re hyper-convenient because they come in packs of four single-serving capsules and you can keep them in your cupboard for ages. The full range when available includes tuna,...
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