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Coley loin steaks
Coley loin steaks
Coley’s humble reputation is due to its flesh being brownish (although it cooks to white). However, it’s plentiful, available in good sizes and not expensive. These are handsome cuts from the top of the neck, quite thick, skinless and...
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Fides mackerel pate
Fides Mackerel Pate
Fides is Portugal’s favourite brand of fishy pates. They’re hyper-convenient because they come in packs of four single-serving capsules and you can keep them in your cupboard for ages. The full range when available includes tuna,...
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skinless wolf fish fillet steaks
Wolf Fish Fillet Steaks
This fish suddenly became very popular after Channel 4’s Fish Fight. It’s not a good looker, but the flesh is excellent, which may be attributed to its diet of sea urchins, crabs and clams - which it grinds up with what one writer called...
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Red snapper fillet portions
Red Snapper Fillet Portions
There are 125 species of snapper, including about 25 red ones. However, as fish guru Alan Davidson said, ’snappers, almost without exception, make very good eating’. We’d agree, particularly if they are grilled or baked. The snapper on...
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Sea bass fillet portions
Sea Bass Fillet Portions
These are no-expense-spared oblong-shaped boneless fillet steaks from the middle of the fillet of an extra-large fish. You could also use these fillet steaks to make your own sushi and sashimi. The fillet steaks are skin-on and have had...
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Paella rice on a wooden board with a wooden spoon
Sollana paella rice
The real thing. Very absorbent grains which act like a sponge for all the flavours cooked with them. Dried.
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Cooked Native Lobster
Cooked Native Lobster
These are native lobster from Scotland or Cornwall, depending on supplies. These are very popular, but you should consider two alternatives: raw lobster , or (raw) rock lobster tails . Servings : although you can cut any lobster in half...
From £33.60
Alistair pretending to kiss a fine sea bass
Whole wild sea bass - XL trophy fish
Specially reserved for investment bankers... looking for a centrepiece for your next banquet? Try one of these magnificent fish. Please note that fish above 2.5 kilos are over 24"/60cms long, so you’ll need to remove the tail to fit them...
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Two fresh yellowtail king fish fillet steaks
Yellowtail kingfish fillet steaks
Yellowtail is an attractive fish with white flesh and just a touch of oil. Highly prized by the Japanese sashimi trade, it is farmed in Australia and one or two other countries. This fish finds its way into all the world’s best sushi...
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Dried cod skin uggi lights
Uggi - Cod skin lights
The Uggi light is a much-remarked feature of the meeting room here at Fish Palace. These fantastical lights are the dried skins from magnificent metre-long specimens of cod (the lights themselves are 80-90cms long). Made by artist Fanney...
Yellow tail king fish collar on the barbecue
A collar is the very front part of a fish fillet, where it joins the gills. It contains a large but thin bone which makes a useful handle (and sometimes a couple of smaller bones). Attached to them is a triangle of muscle-laden with rich...
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A whole fresh halibut
Whole halibut
Feeling ambitious? Extravagant? Got a big oven? Failing that, your barbecue should suffice. Roast a whole halibut. A three kilo fish will feed ten people well.
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