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Whole sea bass and two whole fillets on white background
Whole wild sea bass
Fine wild sea bass from the English Channel. Scaled and gutted as usual. This fish is great to roast, or to poach in a fish kettle, and serving it up whole on the table will add a flourish to your meal. About 60% of the weight is edible,...
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Whole headless black cod
Whole headless black cod
A real chef's article! The headless and gutted (H&G) black cod (or 'sablefish') is the typical presentation in which this is sold by wholesalers around the world. Chefs and fish processors will defrost and portion the 'h&g' black cod...
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Smoked salmon side
Smoked Salmon Side Unsliced
There are few greater pleasures than slicing your own side of smoked salmon. Just make sure you have a very sharp (and ideally long, smooth edged) knife. These are produced by an award-winning smokehouse in the UK. They're trimmed and...
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Two whole salmon fillets
Salmon - whole fillet
These are party pieces - whole salmon fillets, 14-18 inches long. We leave the skin on (but they are descaled), and of course, all bones have been removed. They look spectacular when served. We suggest you cook them in in foil, in the...
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An open cherrystone clam close up picture
Cherrystone clams
These are one of the largest clam species - it’s not unusual to find them 5 inches wide. Reflecting different sizes, they have a bewildering variety of names including quahog (’cohog’), cherrystone, littleneck and more. They’re native to...
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Caviar for Valentines
Caviar for Valentines
You settled on caviar for Valentine's Day? Then book it here. You get 2 x 50g oscietre caviar (our most popular) plus two spoons and two dishes all hand-made from mother-of-pearl. They'll be the perfect memento of your Valentine's...
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