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Caviar Number 2 Oscietre

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  • Perfect for one or two people, or as a gift
  • One of the finest caviars available in the market
  • The product must be refrigerated upon delivery
  • Best served cold and not frozen


Caviar Number 2 is a rare delicacy from Guldenstaedtii or Osceitre sturgeon, and this is produced by our friends in Italy. In the days when caviar came from wild fish, oscietre was unusually variable in terms of size, flavour and colour. At its most striking, this caviar could be a bright gold and at the very least it came with a gold or brown tinge. You’ll find such a tinge in Number 2, and also the characteristic nutty trace in its taste. Oscietre caviar is best served cold and not frozen - this helps preserve its subtle taste and texture.


Conatins salt and a touch of borax

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