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A single caviar spoon

Caviar spoons

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Exquisite hand-made spoons. Not quite as exciting as licking caviar off the back of your hand, but a lot less messy. We normally have two sizes. 11 centimeters is the standard size - about the length of your middle finger. The 5cm spoons are real Tom Thumbs, as in VERY SMALL (5cms = 1.9 inches). But they WILL make your caviar last a lot longer. These are commonly given as gifts with the giftee's favourite tin of caviar, be it baerrii, oscietre or beluga. We also sell mother of pearl dishes that match the 11cm spoons perfectly. 

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  • "Lovely item and was very impressed"
  • "I was very impressed with your company website. I ordered caviar spoons for Christmas and I am very pleased with them. Delivery was very prompt, so I will use your company again."

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