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Chipirones on risotto
An open tin of chipirones

Chipirones - Stuffed Squid

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Classic tapas fare: chipirones are tiny squid stuffed with their own tentacles in a sauce of squid ink, onion, tomato, vegetable oil and spices. Our brand is ALBO. They don’t win any prizes for graphic design but the quality inside the tin is excellent. And here's an interesting PS from a customer...

    "... to explain about the design of the box "they don't win any prizes".  I remember them exactly identical in Spain in the sixties, the design hasn't changed so it's at least fifty years old, probably more.  There's a big tradition in Spain to keep old designs on famous brands so it's instantly recognisable on the shelf.  Tinned fish in small boxes is a huge tradition in Spain (Albo started in 1869).  Most Spanish adults will have seen the same tin all their lives - its beauty isn't in slick modern design but in its familiarity.
Albo chipirones are the absolute real thing, unchanged for probably a hundred years - no need to mess with that.  Oh, and they were delicious by the way, thank you and hurrah! for stocking them.  I used all four tins at a dinner party and although it wasn't easy convincing my English guests to try them, they all loved them and would eat them again (including one who had never eaten any squid before at all)." (thank you, Robert Garcia)


Squid, sunflower oil, tomato, onion, cephalopod ink, spices, salt

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