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salmon pate
Smoked Salmon pate
This rather moreish smoked salmon pa té is best served with crusty bread, topped on a citrus salad or a great addition to a sharing board as a starter or light lunch. Our traditional smoked salmon paté is blended with cream cheese, crème...
cold smoked trout
Cold smoked trout
Our delicious oak smoked trout, hand sliced and perfectly packaged in a handy 100g pack. Our oak smoked trout is delicately flavoured and has a wonderful texture. Whether you spread it onto an open sandwich, use it in you favourite...
trout caviar
Trout caviar
Very similar to keta from salmon Save about £3 vs salmon roe (but 15% less weight) New line selling well This is from rainbow trout farmed in Ireland (on the Little Arrigle River - I'd buy it just for the name) . The eggs are a little...
Sushi Kit
Sushi kit
At home sushi kit with the essentials to get you rolling Checkout our blog to help you along the way 1 kit contains 350g of fish - serves 2 people Travel to Japan from your kitchen! When it comes to cool food, sushi is the king of cool....
devilled potted prawns
Devilled potted prawns
These devilled prawns are not for the faint hearted. The fiery spicy kick from the cayenne followed shortly by the smoky paprika notes gives these sweet prawns a real depth of flavour. The abundance of flavour going on with these prawns...
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Garlic & Herb Potted Prawns
Garlic & herb potted prawns
If you love seafood you’ll enjoy this delicious prawn starter. Potted prawns are a British classic! The idea of shoving lovely, tender prawns into a little pot may seem a bit backward to some, but once you've tasted the gently seasoned...
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Half shell oysters with white wine sauce
Half shell oysters with white wine
Each pack contains 6 oysters in their shells topped with white wine sauce Easy to prepare and served warm One pack is enough for two people as a starter These oysters are topped with a white wine sauce that pairs perfectly with the...
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Half shell oysters
Each pack contains six individually frozen shucked oysters All you need is your desired oyster topping - check out this Mignoette recipe One pack is a good size starter for two people These are top quality oysters from Holland. The...
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Smoked Ora King Salmon
Smoked Ora King Salmon
Each sachet contains 100g of sliced smoked salmon Make the most delicious salmon and cream cheese bagel with these delicate slices of smoked salmon A 100g pack would make the perfect sized starter course for two people Our king salmon is...
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wild king salmon loin steaks
Wild king salmon loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on, boneless king salmon loin steaks Rich and creamy taste A 320g pack would be enough for two good sized main courses Whereas the Atlantic Ocean has just one species of salmon, the Pacific has seven. However,...
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Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid
Salt & Pepper Squid
Choose between small or large bag Great party food, goes well with sweet chili dip Small bag contains about 15 piece, large 50 pieces Good chunks of squid (70%) in seasoned batter (30%). Not cheap but you are getting a sizable pieces of...
From £19.90
Juicy Half Shell King Scallops
Half shell king scallops
Six half shell scallops with roe per pack Perfect on the bbq - add your ingredients straight into the shell One pack of six shells is an ideal starter for 3 people Two for the price of one?! The dish and the meal, together! You can cook...
From £13.80
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