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Smoked Ora King Salmon
Smoked Ora King Salmon
Each sachet contains 100g of sliced smoked salmon Make the most delicious salmon and cream cheese bagel with these delicate slices of smoked salmon A 100g pack would make the perfect sized starter course for two people Our king salmon is...
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Smoked haddock whole fillet
Smoked haddock - whole fillet
Each pack contains one skin on, whole fillet Try making a smoked haddock and leek risotto A 300g fillet would be enough to serve two average sized main courses Smoked haddock is one of our finest and most popular lines. These are large...
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smoked salmon mousse
Smoked salmon mousse
One pot of perfect salmon mousse with smoked salmon wrapped around it An easy and delicious option for a starter One pot makes a great starter portion for one Introducing our new smoked salmon mousse! These are absolutely beautiful to...
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Whole smoked salmon side
Smoked salmon side
Each pack contains 1kg of beautifully sliced smoked salmon, vacuum packed on a gold board You can't go wrong with a delicious smoked salmon bagel! Each pack contains around 10 - 20 servings Our smoked salmon sides are from Scottish fish....
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Scottish smoked salmon
fishRjumpin smoked Scottish salmon
THE BEST SMOKED SALMON FOR CHRISTMAS 2021 - THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our fishRjumpin choice. Good...
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Royal fillet of smoked salmon
Royal fillet smoked salmon
Comes as a single piece, half an inch thick Packed with brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids Great as a fillet steak or with pasta or salad Origin: Scotland Delivered frozen Sliced smoked salmon is so familiar that we tend to forget that...
Premium Scottish smoked salmon
Premium Scottish smoked salmon
Smoked for three times as long Rich smokey flavour Hand-sliced (long cut) Has won many awards This is produced from pretty much the same farmed fish as other smoked salmon but the process is very different. First, it's smoked for about...
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smoked Salmon terrine
Smoked salmon terrine
Definitely a luxury item Smoked salmon pâté base with smoked salmon top Makes 6 starters This utterly slurpacious item has a roof of cold smoked salmon over a layer of hot smoked salmon and a generous base of creamy smoked salmon pâté ....
£12.60 £14.00