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A bottle of clam juice

Clam juice

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Clam juice is the broth made from steaming clams (it doesn’t contain clam meat). It’s unknown over here but is in every US supermarket, where they use it as a stock for cooking and also as a cocktail with tomato juice (’Clamato’ - a popular hangover remedy) and even - wait for it - beer.  Our clam juice comes from Holland and is labelled cockle juice - but is the self-same product marketed in the USA as clam juice. We offer some great multi-buy discounts on clam juice so if you're a fan it's worth stocking up to get a saving. The bottles have very long expiry dates so can just sit in the back of your store cupboard. 

  • Good for use in stocks and drinks
  • Long best before date
  • Dutch origin cockle/clam juice
  • 12+ bottle multi buy discount available


Cockle juice

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