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Clearance Crab and Lobster

Clearance Crab and Lobster

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Fancy an adventure? Short weights, cosmetically-challenged fish, discontinued items and so on... They all end up here. Please be broad-minded - the indications given are only a rough guide. But you will certainly get excellent value.

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Clearance Other
Clearance Other
From £10.00
On Offer
One raw Scottish lobster tail
Scottish lobster tails
From £7.60 £8.90
On Offer
Whole cooked English crab
Whole English crab - cooked
From £27.60 £30.70
On Offer
Cooked crayfish
From £7.20 £8.00
On Offer
Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
From £5.70 £6.60
Whole raw native lobster
Raw lobster
From £24.00
Whole live blue crab
Whole Blue Crab
From £21.90
Whole baby octopus on a wooden serving board
Baby octopus
From £7.70
On Offer
A cooked spider crab
Spider crab - cooked
From £24.60 £35.10
Cooked king crab meat on a wooden serving board
King crab meat
From £22.90
Two semi peeled cooked king crab claws
King crab claws
From £15.20
On Offer
Salmon collars
From £2.70 £3.80
Cooked lobster meat on toast
Lobster meat
From £26.00
On Offer
A cat with a soft fish toy
Fish for cats and dogs
From £1.70 £2.40
cod cheeks on a brown board with lime
Monkfish cheeks
From £10.30
On Offer
Whole freshwater eel on ice
Freshwater eel - whole
From £3.80 £5.00
Greek bottarga and presentation box
From £15.30
Dried bombay duck and spices
Bombay duck
From £4.90
On Offer
Two blue abalone from New Zealand
From £9.90 £11.70
Two sets of blue crab legs on stone
Blue crab legs
From £16.90