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Three cooked shelled cockles on a cocktail skewer

Cockle Meat

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You can’t beat the aroma of cockles... sweet and utterly unique - be they ever so humble, they sure are a wonderful eating experience. Ever tried them in an omelette? These are cooked and shelled cockles, ready to eat or re-heat. Sometimes we offer esteemed Penclawdd  (’Penclouth’) cockles from the Gower peninsula of Wales. Read about them here. The cockle meat is individually frozen so you can take them out portion by portion. 

  • Individually frozen for ease of portioning 
  • Each bag weighs 200g
  • Wild-caught cockles

Featured customer reviews

  • "Perfectly packed and delivered on time as always.  These cockles are absolutely yummy.  I'm a regular customer now.  Takes me back to my childhood when we used to have seafood for Sunday tea!!"
  • "We haven't tasted cockles like these for many years.  This is my second order and shall certainly be ordering more- we loved them, thanks"
  • "Great item, arrived on time, everything was lovely and cole and was able to put everything in the freezer."



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