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Three cooked shelled cockles on a cocktail skewer
Cockles - shelled
You can’t beat the aroma of cockles... sweet and utterly unique - be they ever so humble, they sure are a wonderful eating experience. Ever tried them in an omelette? These are cooked and shelled cockles, ready to eat or re-heat....
From £10.70
Shelled cockles in a tin
Cockles & seaweed
These are superb large cockles presented in brine on a bed of kombu seaweed. Both cockles and kombu have an inner sweetness to their savoury profiles. This is a really special combination. If you’ve got any money left (!), add champagne....
From £18.80
Cockles in brine in a remcan
Cockles in brine
No self-respecting seaside holiday - in the UK at any rate - is complete without a little plastic pot of cockles and a cocktail stick. Here’s the same thing to enjoy at home. Perhaps because the individual pieces are quite small, cockle...
From £3.20
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