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Skin on cod fillets
Cod fillet skin side and flesh side
Small cod fillets on baking paper with paprika parsley onion and lemon

Cod fillets

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It’s hard to beat good cod. Escoffier, perhaps the most famous chef in history, claimed: ’When it is really fresh and of good quality, the delicacy and delicious flavour admit of its ranking among the finest of fish...’ Our cod fillets are from carefully managed Norwegian and Icelandic stocks, assuring a quality which Escoffier would have recognised. Standard packs contain two cod fillets of equal size. One of the two fillets will be in a freezing bag which will enable you to use just one fillet at a time if desired. Sometimes these fillets are pin boned, sometimes not so just be slightly wary of that - see the 'Fish Terms' section below for a diagram. 

  • These are whole cod fillets
  • 2 fillets per pack - one is in a bag so you can take the fillet out one by one
  • The smaller fillets are great for cooking pan-fried cod fillet
  • MSC certified and line-caught cod fillets

Featured customer reviews 

  • "Gorgeous fillets of a much-loved fish in this family. Quality excellent and beautifully packed to ensure delivered in perfect condition"
  • "Fresh, succulent and flaky. Just like what we used to get from the high street fishmonger!"
  • "Came well packed and on time. Lovely pieces of cod, nice and firm and tasted great. Very pleased with my purchase."



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