Cod loin steaks case
3000g / 20 steaks
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Cod loin steaks case

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20 steaks / 3000g / 10+ available
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Cod Loin Steaks 2.72 Kg Case

This case contains 2.72kg of cod loin steaks which is approximately 20 units. Economically priced by the case. Perfect for catering or large gatherings. Ready for next day delivery. 

Our cod loin steaks are the prime cut from large fillets of cod. The loin is the thickest part of the fillet, and this is where the loin cut comes from. It's star quality is thickness, giving huge muscle flakes that you won't find in any old supermarket cod. Because of the thickness, you can bake it in the oven without drying it out. As this is hand cut, you can rest assured that we've taken the time to make sure all steaks are cut and trimmed to perfection. 

How you've been using our cod loin steaks...

  • "I had friends to dinner and I decided to do a cod dish with a French sauce...The flesh was very chunky and went well with a butter sauce."
  • "Beautiful thick steaks. Love that they've got the skin on - cook much better in the frying pan."
  • "Lovely meaty cod loins. Delicious baked in the oven and served with samphire, lemon beurre blanc, and chorizo and new potatoes!"

Sustainability - our rating 9/10

Almost always this cod is line-caught from Iceland, an MSC certified sustainable fishery. Iceland has made fantastic progress in the management of their fisheries since near collapse in the 1970s. Iceland has gone through multiple successful sustainability recertification processes.

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