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Fresh cod roe
Japanese style cod roe mentaiko

Cod roes - fresh

From £15.50
NE Atlantic

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Most widely eaten in the UK in the form of supermarket taramasalata (typically less than 10% cod roe), but the real thing is much more exciting. Poach, then fry for a delicious, rich main course.  Or use with spaghetti. Please note that we use the word ’fresh’ to differentiate this item from smoked cod roe. These roes were ridiculously fresh at the point when we froze them. They will arrive with you, like everything else we do, frozen. Your pack normally comprises a single pair of roes, but occasionally you might receive a single sac rather than the pair. 

  • Cod roe is highly nutritious - Cod roe has 27g of protein per 100g
  • Our cod roe comes from Iceland - the best we've seen yet
  • How to cook cod roe? Make taramasalata, fry it or poach name a few suggestions


Cod Roe Fritters

Simple, rich, delicious

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