Cold water rock lobster tails
90g / 1 tail
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Cold water rock lobster tails - 1 tail

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90g / 1 tail ( 10+ available )

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  • Each pack contains one lobster tail in its shell.
  • The shell weighs next to nothing.
  • With a little bit of padding such as a great sauce, a 100g tail would make a fair serving.

These cold water rock lobster tails are similar in appearance to the (Caribbean/Brazilian) Rock Lobster Tails we have sold for many years. Except they don't reach the L and XL sizes possible in warmer waters. To learn more about the fascinating island these come from, take a look at our blog post about Tristan Da Cunha

How you've been using our cold water rock lobster tails...

  • "They were great cooked in the grill for a surf and turf weekend."
  • "I was nervous to cook my first lobster tails, but I really shouldn't have been. Split down the middle (leaving the tail fan intact), doused in garlic butter with some salt and pepper and they were incredible on the BBQ."

Sustainability - our rating 9/10

Our cold water rock lobster tails are from Tristan Da Cunha. The fishery is an exemplar of sustainability with no conditions listed in the MSC certification. In other words, they are a pinnacle of sustainable fish.

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