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Cooked whelk meat

Cooked Whelk Meat

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c20 whelks / 200g / 10+ available
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The whelk is famously reckoned to be an aphrodisiac, but it’s possible this is a canny marketing strategy dreamt up by whelk fishermen. Either way, you get a serious piece of meat offering a rewarding chew (and no shell - you just get the meat). These whelks have been cooked, but you can reheat them if you wish. Apparently a lot of people type ’whelk clam’ into Google. If that led you here, take note, the whelk is not a clam. Clams have two symmetrical shells which fit tightly together. However, the whelk has just one shell, which is like a snail’s. This pack is 100% edible cooked whelk meat from British Whelks. The whelk meat is frozen together so you will have to defrost all of the meat at the same time.

Customer reviews of our whelks:

  • "The best I have tasted in a long time"
  • "They were lovely could have done with a larger Pack next time I will order 2"
  • "Bought these whelks for my husband who loves them but hasn't had any since holiday in cornwall years ago Was so pleased with them and how quickly they came wonderful service shall buy again from this company Thank You"
  • "I can get whelks from the east coast of England but am inland at present where quality, small, sweet whelks are hard to come by. The ones from The Fish Society are beautiful."


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