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Smoked sea salt
Cornish smoked sea salt
Cornish sea salt

Cornish sea salt

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 A range of pinch pot-sized flavoured salts from The Cornish Sea Salt Co. 

Salt & peppery: Blended using from a mix of cracked black peppercorns, red pepper, green perppercorns, pimento pepper and of course salt.

Lemon & Thyme: A fresh and zesty blend made with a mix of lemon peel & thyme. 

Really garlicky: Made with roasted garlic for a deep garlicky flavour. 

Chilli hit: Made with Santa Cruz chilli - great for stir-frys or marinades. 

Smoked: Smoked over oak, apple and cherry wood to give the sea salt flakes a lovely flavour. 




Chilli Hit

Sea salt (40.5%), Santa Cruz Chilli Blend (14%) - (Chilli, Oregano, Salt, Garlic Powder, Cumin), Garlic (10.5%), Onion (10.5%), Red Pepper (9%), Crushed Chillies (6.5%), Tomato (4%), Jalapeno Chilli (3.5%), Rapeseed Oil (1.5%)

Lemon & Thyme

Sea Salt (70%), Onion (20%), Roasted Garlic (3%), Lemon Peel (2%), Lemon Oil (2%), Thyme (2%), Flat Leaf Parsley (1%)

Really Garlicky

Sea Salt (82%), Roasted Garlic (18%)

Salt & Peppery

Sea Salt (59%), Cracked Black Peppercorn (20%), Red Pepper (15%), Cracked green Peppercorn (5%), Pimento (1%)


Sea Salt (100%)

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