Crab Claws

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Spider crab claws - raw
Spider crab claws - raw
Each pack 1kg worth of raw spider crab claw arms individually frozen, the size of the claws will vary! The best way to eat these is to just serve simply with some crackers One pack would make a fun and interesting addition to a sharing...
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Cooked breaded crab claws
Breaded crab/surimi claws
These claws are made up from surimi crab sticks and then coated in a breadcrumb A perfect addition to a surf and turf dinner One box would serve 4 main meals These crab claws are cheap and cheerful and are very popular as a finger food....
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King Crab Claws
King crab claws
Pricing note: Unfortunately we have had a steep price rise on all of our king crab since September 2021 due to sky-high king crab prices. Each pack contains 2 cooked claws from a large king crab Can be eaten cold or warm, we recommend...
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White Crab Claw Meat
Each pot contains 100g of white crab claw meat Try our recipe for South-East Asian crab fried rice 1 pot would be enough to make a small main sized meal We sell many kinds of white crab meat from all over the world, including from snow...
Peeled crab claws
Peeled crab claws
Cooked crab claws carefully peeled by hand to keep the meat intact These peeled crab claws are ready to eat If reheating, be careful not to overcook A whole crab claw is a grade-A eating experience, but bearing in mind the effort...
English crab claws
English crab claws
One pack has between 4 to 8 claws per pack, depending on their size Cooked and ready to eat A 500g pack would serve 2 or 3 people These crab claws are deliciously meaty. Be warned, you'll need a hammer for this! Crack the shells gently...