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A bowl of cooked brown crab meat
Brown crab meat
Brown crabmeat is differently delicious, and extremely good value. One block provides 2-4 servings. Sometimes, to achieve an acceptable consistency, this product is blended with up to five percent rusk. If you call us, we’ll tell you...
From £5.90
A dressed crab on a wooden chopping board
Dressed crab
The meat has been expertly extracted then replaced into a cleaned crab shell. You will find cheaper dressed crab, but they won’t taste anything like ours, which contains 50% best white claw meat, and is topped with a peeled claw. The...
From £10.40
Two cooked english crab claws
English crab claws
Delicious meaty cooked claws. The shell is quite heavy, so you will definitely need a claw cracker, which you will find in our accessories section (or a hammer). These claws are a good size - normally at least 100g each. If you want some...
From £22.20
Peeled crab claws in metal sieve on rock salt
Peeled crab claws
A whole crab claw is a grade A eating experience, but bearing in mind the effort required to remove the shell, it needs to be. These are from English brown crabs (your favourite, the source of our claw meat). About a dozen claws per pack...
From £17.90
Potted crab on toast
Potted crab
Delicious and different. Made by a passionate crab entrepreneur, this is the same recipe as potted shrimp - complete with mace and clarified butter - but applied to crab. It has the special savoury appeal of brown crab meat (20%) plus...
From £9.90
A cooked spider crab
Spider crab - cooked
Ten minutes in the pot followed by a onceover with a small brush transforms a grubby spider crab into a gleaming display of haute couture. And tasty with it. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE - you get pretty slim pickings off a spider crab and it's...
From £31.20
Cooked white crab meat in white dish on ice
White crab meat
We sell many kinds of white crab meat from all over the world, including from snow crab and king crab. They all have their fans but this fine British crab meat, which we source from Devon and Cornwall or Scotland, is always the most...
From £9.90
Whole cooked English crab
Whole English crab - cooked
Time on your hands? Claw cracker to the ready? (Or make do with a lightly wielded hammer.) Pick your own crab! One whole cooked crab - we reckon you’ll need one per person.
From £43.40
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