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Two sets of blue crab legs on stone
Blue crab legs
The legs (and claw and shoulder) of the prettiest crab on eight legs. If you’re a newcomer to this item, please note that blue crab is principally a flavour experience, and you may find the meat to shell ratio a bit disappointing. Raw...
From £16.90
Cooked breaded crab claws with dipping sauce
Breaded crab/surimi claws
Cheap and cheerful and very popular finger food in which the meat is surimi (aka crab sticks). They normally need to be deep fried, but can differ from batch to batch. Ask us whether they are oven bake or deep fry if you have a preference.
From £5.50
Two raw soft shell crabs
Softshell crabs
Softshell crabs are normal crabs which are caught immediately after moulting their shell, in the few days before the new one has hardened up. They are everywhere, of course, but two regions turned them into culinary stars: Venice and New...
From £7.70
Whole live blue crab
Whole Blue Crab
Whole brilliantly blue crab. Sweet flavour and soft texture make this crab desirable for its taste as well as its looks. These are excellent specimens which arrive here live from Greece and are frozen raw on receipt.
From £10.40
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