We offer 10am delivery for a £15 supplement. Please read the following before choosing this option.

For reasons beyond our control, a few 10am deliveries arrive late. Therefore, we do not guarantee timely arrival. However, we will monitor your delivery and if it is (or looks like it could be) late we will:

  • Chase the courier until delivery is made.
  • Keep you informed.
  • Refund the surcharge.

Please do not book an early delivery unless you have a fallback (eg a neighbour) to cover delay.

Our normal terms and conditions apply to 10am deliveries. This means you must accept the delivery even if it is 24 hours late. Our parcels are always packed to cope with a 24 hour delay.


10am delivery is not available on our website. Please book by phone or email advising order number and the delivery post code.

We need your request (including taking payment of the surcharge) by 10am on the day before your delivery.