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Cuttlefish ink

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Colours pasta, rice and fingers black as the ace of spades. Cuttlefish ink may is just the same as squid in and can be used in the same cooking applications such as colouring pasta and rice. We sell the Nortindal brand which comes from Spain and is highly regarded around Europe. You can adjust the colour of your colouring depending on the volume you use. If you were to put 100% squid ink onto a plate as a decoration it will be JET black, you can add little by little into your pasta and rice to reach your desired colour. 

  • Cuttlefish ink and squid ink are basically the same thing
  • Cuttlefish ink is a great natural black food colouring, commonly used in pasta and rice
  • Nortindal brand cuttlefish ink from Spain
  • We offer both 90g jars and 500g jars


Pasta With Cuttlefish Ink Sauce

A sexy little number in black

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Cuttlefish ink (40%), water, salt, thickener: sodium carboxymethylcellulose 


Black Rice with Nortindal cuttlefish ink
Source:Ignacio Rodriguez



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